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"What is a sea of candles?"

30 years of Peaceful Revolution

Today, many students take to the air rescue on the street. Thirty years ago, many people demonstrated. Many of these brave people lived near the MACHmit! Museum in Prenzlauer Berg. We celebrate this Peaceful Revolution of 1989 today.


MACHmit! Museum für Kinder

Senefelderstraße 5 10437  Berlin

Can you compare the demos? Why was protesting? Who was there? What was the result?

The fall of the wall did not happen by accident. Touching stories of individual actors from the months before the fall of the Berlin Wall will be told in the special exhibition.

Timepieces were interviewed by their children or grandchildren. This is intended to encourage visiting children to talk to their families and neighbors: Was it dangerous? What is a wall woodpecker? What do candles have to do with it?

The special exhibition (for children from the age of 7), with pictures by Eva von Schirach, will be shown until 09 February 2020. In addition to the special exhibition, the exhibition »Auf dem Holzweg« will also be shown.

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