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songs and lyrics

WENZEL is a singer with a rough voice colored by whiskey and smoke. Wenzel is a poet who counts among his brothers Brecht, Lorca, Kramer, Woody Guthrie, Cesar Vallejo and Heine.

Wenzel is a composer of melodies from which the closeness to folk songs, to Franz Schubert, to the Balkan frenzy, to Eisler and Weill and to trivial hits can be heard.

Wenzel is a clown, an improviser, a provocateur and a magician.

Wenzel is a producer of CDs, DVDs, books, concerts, poems, essays, stories, productions and dreams.

With his voice, his lyrics and melodies, his concerts and CDs, Wenzel outlines the beautiful, sad and funny life with all its facets.

Wenzel is Wenzel.

Instrumentation: Wenzel: vocals, piano, guitar, accordion