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A humorous evening with chansons by Jacques Brel

Two actors and chansonniers are booked for a performance, although they usually only perform their chanson evening solo. "What a theater!" when two eccentrics meet on one stage. They sing chansons like "Amsterdam", "Madeleine", "La quête", "Ne me quitte pas" by Jacques Brel and bring many an amusing theatrical story to the audience.

Was soll das ganze Theater
Was soll das ganze Theater © DERDEHMEL/Urbschat

And the audience will learn what a lighting technician, a prop master, a prompter, an artistic director or a critic have to deal with in the theater. But it's all just theater!

(Program in German)

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Participating artists
(Musik. Einstudierung)
Johannes Hallervorden (Texte)
Gesine Sand (Texte)
Gesine Sand (Regie)
Marten Sand (Regie)
Marten Sand (Texte)
Marten Sand (mit)
Johannes Hallervorden (mit)