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Virtual sofa flashlight tour for the whole family

Audiences can cozy up on the sofa in the dark at home and look forward to a little virtual trip into the mysterious museum, or they can sign up for an on-site tour to see live with their kids what's going on in the museum after closing time and perhaps what looks completely different in the dark.

Mit der Taschenlampe auf Spurensuche im Museum
Mit der Taschenlampe auf Spurensuche im Museum © mspt / Museum für Kommunikation Berlin

For children ages 5 and up.

Note: The tour will take place via Zoom video conferencing software. A tablet, laptop or PC is recommended for participation. Your own camera may or may not be activated to participate.

(Program in German)
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Booking: Click here to register.
Museum für Kommunikation
Museum für Kommunikation