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A charming, entertaining and amusing program for song and literature lovers about the relationships between famous people and well-known songs. From Martin Luther to Manfred Krug and Regine Hildebrandt.

Dorfkirche Alt-Buckow in Neukölln
Dorfkirche Alt-Buckow in Neukölln © AHOJ!

A program by the Kalliope team, full to the brim with anecdotes, interesting stories with an aha effect and, of course, wonderful songs. Gisela M. Gulu has found out some amazing things, e.g. about the old tune "Am Brunnen vor dem Tore" (At the well in front of the gate), to which no less a person than Thomas Mann set a literary monument in his "Zauberberg" (Magic Mountain). Perhaps the biggest surprise we experience with Mark Twain, but also, for example, what it is about the favorite song of Regine Hildebrandt.

Actor and singer Lusako Karonga performs the songs with his warm baritone voice, in the sensitive accompaniment of Armin Baptist on the piano. For good reason, both also pay their very personal respects to Bertolt Brecht and Manfred Krug. More shall not be revealed.

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Dorfkirche Alt-Buckow