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Night of Ballads 2023

With strong tailwind from the No.1 - album "Was kost die Welt" (January 2022) and the associated tour in the fall 22 VERSENGOLD start in 2023 - and tie with the NACHT DER BALLADEN tour directly to one of the most successful event series in the band's history.

Die Band Versengold in einer Bar
Die Band Versengold in einer Bar © Trinity Music GmbH


The tour, which has been established for 5 years, revolves in particular around the quiet tones, which otherwise come up a bit short in the energetic shows of the 6 from Bremen. Past ballad nights enjoyed such popularity that each of the 3 tours was reported completely sold out months before the start.

The lyrical finesse of singer and lyricist Malte Hoyer, as well as the unusual, sensitively interpreted musical arrangements of the folk rockers are particularly effective in the special atmosphere of the hand-picked concert halls. At the same time, the extended line-up with string quartet, guest vocalist and percussion provides special musical depth and dynamics.

Ultimately, however, it is above all the band's special connection to the audience that makes a Night of Ballads so extraordinarily appealing. Across genre and age boundaries, Versengold inspire colorful, lyrically confident and enthusiastic crowds.

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