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"Interconnected Connections" - Long Night of Engaged Poetry

"Political poetry is being written again, but under new auspices," noted poet and editor Ulrike Almut Sandig in the epilogue to the 2017 Yearbook of Poetry. This includes that poets become aware of a "time of social and ethical restructuring". And they no longer presume to "know better than their readers".

KEY VISUAL »Verschalte Verbindungen« – Lange Nacht der engagierten Lyrik
KEY VISUAL »Verschalte Verbindungen« – Lange Nacht der engagierten Lyrik promo

Numerous poetic and poetological publications of the last five years prove this assertion. The tender view of the body and the private sphere as the object of lyrical observation have become political. The interpretations of engaged poetry have changed. Today they show themselves as a resistance to what has been learned and as a way of unlearning traditional standards of value. Poetic writing challenges habitual thinking and brings inclusive social norms into focus.

This event aims to celebrate this poetic-political engagement while critically inquiring into how poets themselves perceive these developments. In a Long Night of Engaged Poetry, BrotfabrikLiteratur presents diverse voices of current, German-language poetry production.

Caca Savic, Tim Holland, Rike Scheffler, Muri Darida, Swantje Lichtenstein and Raphael Koranda will read. Moderated by Jim Baker, Andrea Schmidt and Tillmann Severin.

(Program in German)
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