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Wed, August 24, 7-21 pm

How to mourn, how to remember, how to acknowledge in an environment dominated by war and injustice? In a theater and encounter project of the Afghan human rights organization "AHRDO - Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization", relatives of victims of the war dealt with these questions. Using a "theater of liberation," AHRDO activists invited people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds throughout the country to work through their experiences of violence together. The project resulted in a large number of "Memory Boxes" in which personal mementos from everyday life can provide public access to the fates and stories of the victims. Through the theater project and the creation of the Memory Boxes, the relatives found a way to deal with their pain, as it were, in an encounter with others. In addition, through the public presentation of the memorabilia, the victims find a certain recognition and "justice" that they would not otherwise receive in the context of war. For the Berlin public, the exhibition additionally offers a good opportunity to engage with the topic one year after the catastrophic withdrawal of the "West" and the return of the Taliban - and thus to protect it from quick oblivion. The human rights organization "AHRDO - Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization" worked on the ground until the Taliban conquered Kabul. The "Memory Boxes" were exhibited in a museum set up for this purpose in Kabul until the activists of the project had to flee last year and arrived in Canada via detours.

Afghanistan Memory Boxes – Gegen das Vergessen
Afghanistan Memory Boxes – Gegen das Vergessen © Bildquelle: Philippe Palma

Note about the events: For all indoor events, please continue to wear a face mask. Should the pandemic situation come to a head again, individual events will be switched to being held in the digital or the 2G+ rule will be reintroduced. We would inform you about this after your registration, if necessary.
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