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Verlag Vault is a Berlin based label Verlag – a platform for music curation and artistic projects with a focus on sound, literature and fashion.

With a catalog encompassing about 30 releases that includes music and design items, Verlag represents artists whose practice is multidisciplinary, with a foundation in music.

Verlag Vault is the community driven, public embodiment of the Label’s aesthetic research, bringing the narrative on stage through music performances.

The inaugural event, scheduled for October 5th, will feature Soho Rezanejad, who will present tracks from her highly anticipated upcoming album, “Overnight and Undercover,” and Simone Antonioni, who will debut music from the upcoming album “Hyperion.”


Starting in 2015, Soho Rezanejad’s career has spanned the creation of more than ten albums, which are widely acknowledged for her versatile vocal fluency and prolific involvement in electronic music.

Her artistic range encompasses the adoption of diverse performative personas and collaborations across various disciplines, all of which are distributed under her Silicone Records label.

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