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by Marie Sophie Rautenberg

The play is based on a series of interviews with people who were directly or indirectly affected by the so-called Memmingen Trials 1988 -1989.

The play focuses on the stories of women who had to testify in court about their abortion as well as those who went through abortions in Germany today.

In doing so, the play combines the personal stories with the legal and political discourse and takes stock 152 years after the introduction of §218 StGB: "Der Uteruskomplex - ein Schauprozess" is a documentary thriller about apparent equality and abortions in the shadow of the legal grey area.

  • Cast: Franziska Kleinert, Bibiana Malay, Marie Sophie Rautenberg, Annalena Steiner.
  • Director: Friederike Förster
  • Interviews, text: Marie Sophie Rautenberg

Dates: Friday, 15.09.2023 (Premiere)
            Saturday, 16.09.2023
            Sunday, 17.09.2023

Times: 20:00 hrs

Location: TuD Theatre under the Roof
                 Danziger Str. 101, 10405 Berlin

Tickets: €5.00- €15.00

(Program in German)

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