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During the two-hour guided tour of the Tempelhofer Field, different topics are communicated in dialogue, which refer to the special features of the area and its ecology. Special attention is paid to the grazing of the area by sheep. Interactions between farm animals, wild animals and the vegetation are presented.

The Tempelhofer Field represents a unique green space in the urban area of Berlin, which in recent years has gained international fame as such. In addition to the recreational value through sports and leisure opportunities, the role as natural habitat is often underrepresented in public perception.

On the base of special animal and plant species such as skylark and sand lizard, not only the importance of the Tempelhofer Field as a habitat is explained, but also basic biological concepts of different habitats and their inhabitants are explained.

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Additional information
Please bring wind- and weather-protection. If available, please bring binoculars with you.

Meeting point is the southermost entrance Oderstraße (so called "Crash Gate") at the Tempelhofer Field.
Participating artists
Referenten: Frederic Griesbaum und Korbinian Pacher