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New acquisitions for the collection of the National Gallery

Under the title "Under Construction," the Nationalgalerie is showing new acquisitions for the collection that were made possible in recent years primarily with funds from the Friends of the Nationalgalerie. "Under Construction" focuses on works by artists living in Latin America. In the 20th century, numerous connections were forged between Central and South American artists and art centers in Europe and North America, which continue to have an impact today and offer points of contact with the Nationalgalerie's existing holdings.

Neue Nationalgalerie_außen
Neue Nationalgalerie_außen © mulinarius

On the other hand, the exhibition reflects the close exchange with other Berlin institutions such as the Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, whose eleventh edition in 2020 showed numerous works by South American artists. Some of these works, for example by Aline Baiana, Bartolina Xixa or Sandra Gamarra, were acquired for the National Gallery and thus secured for permanent residence in Berlin.

"Under reconstruction" the collection has been since the exhibition and research project "Hello World. Revision einer Sammlung" (2018), which reflected on the political and cultural framework of collecting and pursued an expansion of the Nationalgalerie's holdings to include non-Western art movements and transcultural approaches.

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