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Panel Discussion

Transdisciplinary resonance to 690 voices against discrimination and violence against women from Germany

This discussion offers a platform for exchange between experts in the fields of art, society, and politics.

Together with
Franziska Greber | Artist | Initiator of WOMEN IN THE DARK | Winner of THE POWER OF THE ARTS Award 2023 der Philip Morris GmbH
Dr. Helen Adkins | Art Historian and Curator | Berlin
Oliver Hagemann | Coordinator for BIG Prävention| BIG e.V.
Selina Höfner | Social Worker | Director «Zuflucht Nehmen» | asap e.V.
Astrid Lück | Women’s Affairs Officer | Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband Berlin
Viktoria Piekarska | Commission for Criminal Law | Deutscher Juristinnenbund (djb)
Isabella Spiesberger | Psychologist | Berlin Zentrum für Gewaltprävention (BZfG)

Moderated by
İdil Efe | Diversity Manager and Organizational Developer | Change Manager | former Berlin Global Exhibition Curator | Project Manager | Diversity and Inclusion Trainer | Facilitator

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