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The environmental magician performs magic for a diverse, living and healthy environment. In his current show, he uses topics such as wind power or the ice of the Arctic to present with his always new illusions the great visions of the environment in a highly entertaining way.

Umweltmagier © Umweltmagier

Smartphone treasures are re-cycled just as plastic bottles are upcycled into tap dancing shoes and dancing dolls. These are magical moments with things from one's own microcosm and productions that reveal even the viewer's taste in coffee. In addition, his chocolate enchants her Fair Trade mysteriously.

The environmental magician tells how he made it into the Guinness Book of Records with the highest blood pressure ever measured and his "Plastic Face Factory" revolutionized the beauty industry!

Unique, specially manufactured and hand-magicked, it provides the basis for good-humored sustainability in daily life ... and definitely no hocus-pocus.

Ticket phone: 030 - 333 40 22

This event will take place subject to the current regulations of the state of Berlin. In case of cancellation, tickets purchased online will be automatically refunded.

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Freilichtbühne Spandau