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RADAR Ensemble, Lini Gong, Daniel Gloger and Lutz Rademacher

Gordon Kampe simply composed his song cycle “O Sighs, Howls, Hearts Bang” for two voices and ensemble. Songs, arias, duets and interludes illuminate various aspects of love: towards loved ones, both distant and close, towards the environment, towards God and, last but not least, towards music.

Gordon Kampe chose love poems from the Baroque period as inspiration for his music, the rhythm of which is almost like singing. The lyrics are often only superficially about love. The verses of the most famous poet of the 17th century, Andreas Gryphius, who experienced the destruction of his hometown in the Thirty Years' War, always talk about death between the lines.

After the premiere in Hamburg in 2022, Gordon Kampe revised his cycle again. As part of Ultrasound, the premiere of the new version is now on the program in the Radialsystem.

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Additional information
„Ultraschall Berlin“ ist an event by rbbKultur and Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

Media partners: Exberliner, Rausgegangen, tip Berlin, taz. die tageszeitung.

Gordon KampeO Seufzen, Heulen, Herzensknall (2022/23) 60‘Uraufführung der Neufassung
Participating artists
Lini Gong (Sopran)
Daniel Golger (Countertenor)
Lutz Rademacher (Leitung)
RADAR Ensemble
Ninon Gloger (Klavier)
Jonathan Shapiro (Schlagzeug)
Felix Kroll (Akkordeon)
Martin Posegga (Saxophon)
Johannes Öllinger (Gitarre)
John Eckhardt (Kontrabass)