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On 10 February 2023, "Kopfsache" will be celebrated, a thoroughly exceptional psycho-novel by Lukas Benjamin Engel. The author will be joined by Ariane Königshof, who has added 38 illustrations to this work.

Periplaneta, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
Periplaneta, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg © tic / Detlef Fleischer

Lukas Benjamin Engel is an actor and writer for film, television and theatre. Ariane Königshof is a passionate designer and illustrator.

The Periplaneta TresenLesen starts the new year: an author and a bartender. There will be reading and talking. And drinking. It's about literature, art and the big questions. Entertaining, controversial and unpredictable in its dynamics. Sometimes short films are shown or screen guests come. Sometimes someone even sings.

Friday, 10.02.2023
19:30 - 21:45 hrs

Location: Literaturcafé Periplaneta
Bornholmer Street 81A
10439 Berlin

(Program in German)

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Periplaneta - Literaturcafé