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"Bang Bang Bali", the new novel by Henrike von Kuick, which was published at the beginning of December, is being celebrated. The focus is on the young actress Karo, who has landed a role in a film that is to be shot in Bali. Karo is looking forward to escaping the dreary Berlin winter. She imagines a wonderful mixture of holiday and film shooting. But things turn out quite differently ...

Literaturcafé Periplaneta von außen
Literaturcafé Periplaneta von außen © tic / Detlef Fleischer

Henrike von Kuick is an actress herself. She has worked in various theatres, writes scripts and acts in cinema and TV productions. She lives with her family in Berlin

The Periplaneta TresenLesen starts into the new year: An author and a bartender. There will be reading and talking. And drinking. It's about literature, art and the big questions. Entertaining, controversial and unpredictable in its dynamics. Sometimes short films are shown or screen guests come. Sometimes someone even sings.

Friday, 17.03.2023
19:30 - 21:45 hrs

Location: Literaturcafé Periplaneta
Bornholmer Straße 81A
10439 Berlin

(Program in German)

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Periplaneta - Literaturcafé