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Invitation to a night of weird fantasy: what unites the three gentlemen and what sets them apart is their spoilsport attitude, with which they consistently place themselves between the chairs in the imaginary "musical chairs" game and then act as if they had won.

All three have published various books. HC Roth is known for his indie novels and unorthodox children's books, but with his new book he is also among the fantasy authors. Sascha Dinse is a master of urban horror. Jannik Böker will be making his debut this year with the urban fantasy epic "Die Melodie von Gut und Böse".

The Periplaneta TresenLesen: There's reading and talking. And drinking. It's about literature, art and the big questions. Entertaining, controversial and unpredictable in its dynamics.

Friday, 24.11.2023
19:30 - 21:45 hrs

Location: Literaturcafé Periplaneta
Bornholmer Street 81A
10439 Berlin

(Program in German)

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