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On the trail of fox, raccoon and co.

The Spreepark is not only a place of longing for many people, also various animals feel comfortable here and have therefore settled here.

During a walk through the unique scenery of the Spreepark, with the tracker Stefanie Argow, we discover the various tracks and signs of wild animals. Here we are always accompanied by the questions:
How could the track have been made and to which animal inhabitant of the Spreepark can the track be assigned?

The various traces found are vividly complemented and explained by exhibits brought along. It becomes interactive, when we draw the found imprints or imitate movement sequences of the animals. In addition to background knowledge about the individual animal species, we learn why the fox walks differently than the raccoon and how we can tell what state of mind the raccoon is in when crossing the park.

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Additional information
Meeting point is at Entrance Dammweg/Infopavillon
Participating artists
Referentin: Stefanie Argow