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On the artworks of the Museum Island, the participants discover unusual and eerie creatures. Do such creatures look familiar to them? Using different tools and techniques, they shape their own wild or friendly monsters and ghosts out of clay and plaster.

  • Participation fee: 10 € per family (2 persons), 15 € per family (3 persons or more)
  • max. 5 families (5 table islands)
  • Limited number of participants. Online booking required.
The current information for visitors valid on the day of the event applies during the Corona Pandemic.

(Program in German)

Additional information
Meeting point: Haus Bastian

Price info: Teilnahmegebühr: 10 € pro Familie (2 Personen), 15 € pro Familie (ab 3 Personen) max. 5 Familien (5 Tischinseln)Begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl. Online-Buchung erforderlich.

Booking: booking/prior registration essential