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Sculpture exhibition in the park of Schloss & Gut Liebenberg

The exhibition tomorrow – sculptures in the park of Schloss & Gut Liebenberg gives an insight into what sustainable art can look like. The works of the seven artists deal with sustainability in terms of topic and implementation.

The works draw on the nature around them and are made of the materials found in the surroundings of Schloss & Gut Liebenberg - wood, bricks, ash and more.

The exhibition is implemented in a climate-sensitive manner, is climate-balanced and examines in-house processes for improvements. The exhibition asks whether art and exhibitions can be sustainable and what steps are necessary for this.

Many of the works were designed site-specifically for the temporary exhibition. The three resident artists of the DKB FOUNDATION also had the opportunity: Andrea van Reimersdahl, Simon Mann and the artist duo anima ona, with Freia Achenbach and June Fabregas. During a 10-day stay at Schloss & Gut Liebenberg, they were supported by employees of the DKB FOUNDATION inclusion company in the production of their works of art.

The exhibition is open all day. Admission is free.

Guided tours of the exhibition and the grounds can be booked at:
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