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Literatur LIVE

In view of the current world situation - war, climate and Corona - it is increasingly difficult to look to the future with hope. But how can we develop confidence for ourselves in these times and thus also for our children? How do we manage to keep our heads above water in the face of rather bleak prospects? And is it really bad if we fail at it once?

Till Raether thinks about all these questions and hits the nerve of the times. In his typical tone - very personal, reflected and with humor - he gives courage in a thoughtful way and encourages you to find confidence in unusual ways. A light book on a difficult subject that is more important now than ever.

Till Raether, born in Koblenz in 1969, works as a freelance author in Hamburg, for Brigitte Woman, Merian and SZ-Magazine, among others. His crime novels about the highly sensitive detective Adam Danowski have been critically acclaimed and nominated for multiple awards. His non-fiction book "Am I already depressed, or is that still life?" was on the SPIEGEL bestseller list for weeks in 2021

An event by Literatur LIVE in cooperation with Rowohlt Polaris and the Thalia bookstore

(Program in German)

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