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Berlin speaks many languages - it is almost impossible to count exactly how many. Although the majority of people worldwide speak two or even more languages, many see monolingualism as normal. Yet almost every second child in Berlin speaks several languages.

Even people who are perceived as monolingual use different language forms, for example Kiezdeutsch or berlinern. Languages mix, new words emerge, and old terms take on new meanings.

Please don't spoil it, but when was the last time you acted bottomless? You don't give a damn about that? Well, we have to go through it now. No lo se what time it is, but I'm going a casa now. Hasta mañana! - Yallah, then let's go.

The "Language" theme room celebrates Berlin's multilingualism. Learn about new languages and dialects. Discuss the (political) power of language, what excludes and what unites. Go in search of the most beautiful untranslatable words: from Akihi to Fernweh, from L'esprit de l'escalier to Yaqburni.
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