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K. Gennburg, A. Karschnia und H. Lattner • Panels

An evening with international guests about Big Tech strategies, ecological dangers and other democratic disasters - organized by Heimo Lattner, Alexander Karschnia and Katalin Gennburg

What happens when an AI-guided reason that has learned from machines to imitate human skills such as logical thinking, planning and creativity ends up in a community hall in Brandenburg?

Tesla sets the pace: everyone stays tight and a gigafactory is built in the forest in no time - in the middle of a water protection area. Who sets the rules when major technological projects are decided behind closed doors and without the public's knowledge?

In any case, if you look south from the Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide on clear nights, Mars shines behind the passing space X satellites when it is opposite the sun. Longing, escapism, long-termism. Endless summer by the pool.
But what's left for democracy other than a hangover and sunburn?
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