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Musikkabarett bzw. Musik-Kasperett

The well-known band "Zärtlichkeiten mit Freunden" is good to very good. Stefan Schramm and Christoph Walther are the two coarse musicians Ines Fleiwa and Cordula Zwischenfisch.

Zärtlichkeiten mit Freunden: Rico Rohs und das Ines Fleiwa Quartett
Zärtlichkeiten mit Freunden: Rico Rohs und das Ines Fleiwa Quartett © Amac Garbe

They call themselves Zuzweit entertainers and what they do is music puppet show. Nothing else. The two-hour performance of the two is quickly over. They bring the rehearsal room onto the stage and play well-known hits from the youth of different generations. But that's not enough for them - they also make jokes. At the end of the day, perhaps eight songs are played during the programme. Or six. The rest of the time is spent clarifying procedures, talking about foot reflex zones, giving speech training, and the audience also gets their fat off. The drums are played backwards with artistic skill - a rubber mask on the back of the head makes the illusion perfect.

The tragic-comic music student Rico Rohs from Oppitzsch tells how he had operated on his neighbour on the football pitch. And while Ines Fleiwa sings the farewell song with fervor, Cordula Zwischenfisch continues to drum up the drums. Tenderness with friends is just as much at home on cabarets as on silver weddings, sports festivals and CB radio meetings.

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