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Saxophonist and clarinettist Julius Gawlik, who joined the NDR Big Band in August 2021 at the age of 23 as the youngest musician in its history, is now celebrating his official debut with his own concert program. He also demonstrates extraordinary imagination as a composer.

Gawlik was born in Landau in der Pfalz, has played in the Rhineland-Palatinate State Youth Jazz Orchestra since 2012 and in the German National Jazz Orchestra in 2016/17. He studied saxophone and clarinet at the Jazz Institute Berlin. His musical versatility is reflected in the large number of extraordinary projects with which Gawlik has attracted attention as a soloist and sideman in recent years and won numerous prizes. Thanks to his personal, expressive playing and his unconventional compositions, Gawlik has quickly become one of the most exciting personalities on the German jazz scene.


  • Julius Gawlik (reeds/ comp)
  • Evi Filippou (vib)
  • Jim Black (dr)
  • Geir Lysne (cond/ arr)
  • NDR Bigband

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