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Kinder kuratieren_Takeover

Students from Picasso Elementary School curate their own exhibition with works by Tue Greenfort and Roberta Busechian. Themes include sustainability and the interplay of sound and nature: mushroom versus plastic or mushroom as plastic and can you actually hear nature growing?

Bunte Plastikverpackungen auf einem Tisch
Bunte Plastikverpackungen auf einem Tisch © tanja dickert

For Kinder kuratieren_Takeover, a collaborative project with the Gropius Bau, students from the Max - Artists in Residence program at schools were involved in workshops on the curatorial practice of the art and exhibition world. They learned about the procedures, processes and professions of the exhibition house in order to be able to plan and realize an exhibition in the Gropius Bau themselves.

Due to the closure of the exhibition houses since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, the planning of the exhibition had to take place at the schools and in the children's home environment. However, this complicated environment for cultural pedagogical work has proven to be a valuable support in the daily lives of children and families - a counterbalance to homeschooling and some distraction in the home isolation from friends.

An initial presentation titled Takeover at the Gropius Bau's South Square will showcase the results of the project's work.

The project is funded by the Commissioner for Culture and Media.
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