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Painting, graphic, kinetic object

What once began as a concrete utopia is now art history. In 1974, an international group of artists was founded under the provisional name System, which artistically opposed the neo-realism of the post-war period that dominated Berlin at the time. Renamed Systhema, the twelve artists and one woman artist living and working in the city gave an "answer to a lack" (Karl Ruhrberg) in the midst of realist tendencies.

alte und neue Gebäude in Potsdam
alte und neue Gebäude in Potsdam © tanja dickert

With their works they demanded a connection to an international concept of art. In the catalog for the artist group's 1978 exhibition in Bern, Ruhrberg goes on to write, "Abstract art, especially art that tends to be systematic-constructive to technoid-kinetic, has a hard time in Berlin ..."

Kunstverein KunstHaus Potsdam is pleased to present, with the exhibition Systhema. Positions of the Concrete to present a retrospective of this former "cultural (fighting) position" (Richard Paul Lohse) and to renegotiate it. With paintings, objects, and a graphic portfolio from 1978, the exhibition is a tribute and a reminder of the work of the artist group.

Thanks to loans from the internationally acclaimed Grauwinkel Collection, based in Kleinmachnow, their constructive artistic positions can be seen at KunstHaus.


Frank Badur | Andreas Brandt | Stefanos Gazis | Johannes Geccelli | Kristin Gerber | Thomas Kaminsky | Jan Kotik | George Rickey | Christian Roeckenschuss | Klaus J. Schoen | Peter Sedgley | Rudolf Valenta
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