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the Friedrich Hollaender-Revue

FRIEDRICH HOLLAENDER (1896-1976) remains forever and ever associated with Marlene Dietrich and the "Blue Angel". The poet and composer worked with many stars of the twenties, but also of the post-war period, such as Kurt Tucholsky, Walter Mehring, Comedian Harmonists, Marlene Dietrich, Billy Wilder, Billie Holiday.

GRAFIK MUSIKNOTEN visitBerlin, Illustration Klio Karadim

Dirk Rave, Chanson-Nette and Henry Nandzik take their audience into the musically cheerful world of Friedrich Hollaender. They present his great life's work, in several voices in the style of the Comedian Harmonists and with new musical arrangements. Of course, the great evergreens are included, but also lesser-known chansons about child prodigies, princesses, night ghosts or hysterical goats.

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