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A special presentation of the Kunstbibliothek - Staatliche Museen zu Berlin in cooperation with the Tolerance Project, New York

184 graphic designers from 56 countries around the world have already taken part in the Tolerance Project - a poster campaign that Mirko Ilić launched in New York in 2017. The only requirement is that the word "tolerance" should appear on the poster. Around 50 of these Tolerance Posters - including designs by Milton Glaser, Paula Scher, Edel Rodriguez, Dan Reisinger, Annette Lenz and many more. - are now being presented at the Kulturforum.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Studio Tolerance
© David Tartakover

They show not only an immense variety of graphic solutions, but also the range of what constitutes social acceptance internationally - in terms of national, religious or sexual identity as well as political stance. In workshops for young people, the topic is negotiated along current discourses, political education and creative design meet.
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