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This production hails the return of the Norwegian playwright and Ibsen Award winner Jon Fosse to the theatre. Up until the 2010s, his minimalist, evocative texts centring on the unsayable shaped an entire stylistic movement. Then he turned to prose and stopped writing drama altogether.

Szene aus Starker Wind
Szene aus Starker Wind © Arno Declair

With his latest play I Am the Wind, Fosse once again goes in search of his roots – although by no means along well-trodden paths. He describes his text as a ‘scenic poem’. The voices he conjures up in the room almost inevitably, but also tragicomically, negotiate the story of a return that eludes all certainties and coordinates.

A man who has been on the road for a long time looks out the window of the apartment he shares with his wife. But is it still the same window, apartment and world? How long has he been gone? And didn’t a different younger man take his place long ago? Is the life to which he thinks he is returning still his? Does he have a place, time and presence in it? Or does he belong to the past and is a mere spectator of his own disappearance ...

In I Am the Wind , Fosse tells the story not only of an attempt to return to life, but also to the world of theatre, whose parameters have shifted, and whose former certainties have been lost.

(Program in German)
Additional information
by Jon FosseDirector: Jossi Wieler
Participating artists
Jossi Wieler (Regie)
Teresa Vergho (Bühne & Kostüme)
Michael Verhovec (Musik)
John von Düffel (Dramaturgie)
Max Simonischek
Maren Eggert
Bernd Moss
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