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Hardly any other Berlin neighborhood has experienced as much change in recent years as the streets and squares around the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg. But if you look closely, you will still discover exciting traces of his GDR past here and there.

This is to be explored together as part of the new offer in the museum in the Kulturbrauerei: What are the names of the two famous East Berlin traffic light men? What did you do when your parents' apartment in the old building on Kollwitzplatz didn't have a shower? And to what extent was recycling an important topic for children in the GDR?

These and other questions are the focus of the neighborhood walk. At various stations, you will learn how life was like in the neighborhood during the division of Germany and what challenges children in the GDR had to face in their everyday lives.

(Program in English)
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Meeting point: Registration at the information desk in the museum