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Told by a Saxophonist who has a girlfriend in Frankfurt

A man wakes up next to a woman whose name he does not remember; nor does he remember where and how they met, their journey to his apartment or what they did after they got there. The woman is happy to explain, and her recollection of the facts makes him plead with her to stay. She promises to return. He promises to wait for her.

Bound by a promise and a bottle of wine, they discover that sometimes all you need to
 approach perfection are nine nights and a broken alarm clock.

With an international cast and crew – Romanian, Icelandic, German, Danish and Chilean – that connected over Visniec’s writing, the performance highlights the unifying force of theatre and its power to become a common language that exceeds any borders.

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Additional information
Participating artists
Anna Bănică (Stage Management & Produktions Assistenz)
Claire Doucet (Übersetzung)
Günbjörn Gunnarsson (Schauspiel)
Eva Günther (Koreographie)
Hani Hamza (Fotografie)
Johannes Klein (Regie, Bühne und Kostüme)
Bianca Radoslav (Konzept, Schauspiel & Kostüme)
Freja Sande (Regie Assistenz)
Ignacio Soto (Projektions Design)
Matei Vișniec (Autor)
Ian Whitfield (Übersetzung)