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The live podcast with Daniel Meßner and Richard Hemmer

Did you know that the first person to circumnavigate the world in a car was a woman? And that penguins are wholesome, while polar bears are not?

The historians Richard Hemmer and Daniel Meßner deal with the stories behind findings like these on a daily basis. For the past seven years, they've been telling each other a story from history on their podcast, week after week. The special thing about it: one person never knows what the other will tell him.

In 2022 they brought their format to the stage for the first time, the two shows in Hamburg and Vienna were sold out immediately after the announcement.

Well - to coincide with the publication of their first book together, the two are going on a big tour and will be in their home port of Neukölln on November 22nd, 2023.

(Program in German)

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