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Probably no other German-speaking song poet has portrayed women and men and their complicated relationships as sensitively as Stephan Sulke. With "Uschi (don't do nonsense)" he wrote one of the funniest songs in German, with "Lotte" one of the saddest. But Stephan Sulke also took on social criticism such as »Die Moral« in the course of a career spanning more than 50 years.

Stephan Sulke, song poet, storyteller and singer, born in Shanghai to Jewish parents in 1943 and raised in Switzerland, inspires his audience with a fascinating, relaxed performance, enormous stage presence, unique musicality and profound songs with sensitive lyrics of magical beauty. His last album "Love is nothing for beginners" again has that very special Sulke magic that makes him the best German song poet for many.

»My music was always a mixture of sarcasm, melancholy and a bit of nonsense.« Sulke about Sulke

"A moral entertainer, a skeptic who amuses us and yet leaves a few crumbs in our teeth." Alfred Biolek

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