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Winning people show more persuasiveness, openness and self-assurance in their appearance than others. And they score points. Who knows the body language for self-confidence, sympathy and trustworthiness, is clearly in the advantage.

Stefan Verra
Stefan Verra ©

True to life, self-deprecating and incredibly vivid, Stefan Verra exposes all the signals that we too often overlook in everyday life or have always asked ourselves what they actually mean.Experience a scientific entertainment show or an entertaining evening of knowledge. Call it what you want. In any case, you will not know in the end if you have learned more or laughed more! Get tips and get the most out of yourself! Stefan Verra is one of the most sought after body language experts. His lecture tours have taken him to 13 countries on 4 continents.

The successful author is a lecturer at several universities. With his expertise, he fascinates not only professional athletes, TV presenters and physicians but above all people like you and me. He acts exclusively on a scientifically sound basis and leaves out any top-teacher-like psycho-pouches on individual signals outside. Learning with ease!

(Program in German)

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