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At the end of May 2022, "From Capelton Hill," the new studio album by Stars, was released. The indie pop group from Montreal went far into the Canadian province for it. To Capelton Hill, a place in Quebec, near the village of North Hatley. None of the band would have ever known it if not for singer Torquil Campbell's grandfather, who built a few houses in the area in the late 19th century.


For singer Torquil Campbell, Amy Millan, Chris Seligman, Evan Cranley, Chris McCarron and Patty McGee, Capelton Hill is a place where nothing changes and lives entirely in the past, far from algorithms and the Internet. Even the inhabitants will forget it, as they too will eventually be no more. This is what the record is about. About transience. Of the inevitable demise of it all and all the joy and life that happens in between.

Stars put all their skills into this melodramatic story, give themselves epically broad, poetic, dissolute, narrative, full of dramatic music and now and then piercingly poppy sounds. There are gothic sounds and Britpop, honed by the intimacy and warmth of Millan and Campbell's voices and the reduced volume. Wind and string arrangements run through the whole work and lay - quite in the sound style of the stars - a romantic-macabre mood over the record.

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