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With Elaine Bonavia, Bar Esh, Quang Vinh Giang, Inyeong Song, Jelisa Weber

Stop on the way, quickly buy drinks, crisps or important daily necessities and meet your neighbours. Spätis are much more than small sales outlets. They are socio-cultural places that score points not only with unusual opening hours, but with colourful, often unexpected offers and encounters. A well-stocked Späti belongs in every neighbourhood – including the Humboldt Forum.

This SPÄTI opens every fortnight on Fridays in the large foyer, doesn’t care much about the official opening hours and offers talks and music in addition to the obligatory drinks.

Here, artists give first insights into their work, musicians play new compositions or designers present innovative designs. SPÄTI is a small stage of the unfinished, of unusual concepts and unplanned gatherings. You actually just want a Wegbier? At SPÄTI you can get some new ideas and talk about them – without registration and free of charge.

MINGLED LIVING FORCES is a contemporary art intervention into the exhibition Exhibiting.Omissions. at the Humboldt Forum presenting new works by students of the weißensee school of art and design. How to reflect artistically on the evidence of colonial violence? How to intervene in an ethnological museum while the restitution of looted material culture takes place? How to draw speculative futures? Engaging with these questions, new artworks in a variety of media and formats including performance, installation, print, sculpture, painting, video and VR find their way into the ethnological museum.

The intervention exhibition was developed in the context of the tandem seminars Colonial Presents: Artistic and Curatorial Interrogating led by Juana Awad and Zeichnen Farbe Fläche – Spatial Drawing led by Elaine Bonavia at the Weißensee school of art and design berlin during the winter semester 22 /23 and summer semester 23.

Spatial technologies allow us to re-think the process of drawing, blurring the boundaries between line and space. After a series of drawing sessions in the ethnological museum, speculative future objects were drawn from the experience of engaging with mixed reality tools. In this event, VR allows viewers to walk though the spatial drawings and engage with the works differently. After the VR experience there will be a conversation with Bar Esh, Quang Vinh Giang, Inyeong Song, Jelisa Weber (student artists) and Elaine Bonavia, leading the course on spatial drawing.

DJ Set after show!


Elaine Bonavia is an artistic researcher at the Textil and Surface Design department at the kunsthochschule berlin weißensee, teaching computational design with spatial technologies and working in architectural design research.

Bar Esh investigates through the use of textiles, texts and concrete, notions of public memory and remembrance culture, while questioning prevalent concepts of aesthetics. She studies Textile and Surface Design at the weißensee school of art and design, and works as a political educator in schools in Berlin.

Quang Vinh Giang works primarily through the medium of sculpture. He currently experiments with ambigrams and notions of meaning creation, and is exploring digital 3D technology and the hybridization of analog and digital media, aiming at new formal possibilities. Giang also leads artistic creation workshops for children.

Inyeong Song is a material and surface designer, working with analog and digital technologies together. Her works are linked to a variety of traditional handicrafts and graphic works.

Jelisa Weber was born and raised in Munich, next to the stonemason business of his family. Her closeness to material and craft led her to textiles and their techniques. During her studies of Textil and Surface Design at the weißensee school of art and design she discovered her fascination for systems, their rules and logics. Since then, her main focus has been on using programming to engage with the logics of behaviors.

Sabine Hoffmann (DJ-Set) was born and raised in Berlin. She grew up listening to a wide range of hip-hop, soul, funk and crossover beats. Sabine discovered her passion for DJing vinyl in the early 2000s when she first got into electronic music. She plays a mix of techno, electro, Chicago and Detroit house with a dash of acid, funk and breakbeats, but regardless of the style, Sabine will only ever be seen playing vinyl as she prefers the warmth of analog sounds and the classic feel of turntables. She has played at almost all the leading clubs in Berlin such as About Blank, Salon zur wilden Renate, Berghain Kantine, Griessmühle, IPSE, Farbfernseher, Golden Gate, Arena Club and the list goes on.

Her international profile is steadily increasing, she has played in Tbilisi, Paris, Baku, Yerevan, Krakow and Thessaloniki to name a few. Sabine is the founder of “Frauengedeck”. This is a series of events that focuses on an all-female line-up. She wants to support and present female DJs. She has hosted many events in various clubs in Berlin such as Wilde Renate, Griessmühle, Farbfernseher and Beate Uwe. The first international events outside Germany took place in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, more countries will follow soon.

Since 2016 Sabine has been working at the famous OYE record store in Berlin. She also hosts a monthly Frauengedeck livestream, which is streamed from the OYE record store. She graduated from SAE with a degree in sound engineering. Inspired by her acquired knowledge, she began to focus on music production. The first result, a collaboration with No Mad Ronin, is available on the label Zaijenroots.

- admission free
- Talk + Concert
- from 14 years and older
- Language: German
- Mechanical Arena in the Foyer
- Belongs to: SPÄTI

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