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When the Munich-based artist Willy Astor, in addition to his work as a comedian and syllabary turned 9 years ago, the instrumental project "The Sound Of Islands", he probably did not even suspect how many fans in such a short time for his "second drawer" would win.

Willy Astor
Willy Astor © Sven Roedig

The veritable guitarist and composer created "Sound Of Islands" melodic sound islands that live up to world music standards and animate the listener to "slowing down". He invites the audience on another sound journey into distant worlds and wondrous places. Martin Kälberer is a magician on the piano - his fingers dance over the keys. Improvised numbers are indicative of his music. In addition to piano, electronics and accordion, his repertoire includes other ineffable instruments such as mandola, udu, various percussion, kalimba, vibrandoneon, bass and of course the HANG, a metal instrument that plays an increasingly important role in Kälberer's musical language.

Titus Vollmer, who is not only one of the most serious guitar soloists, but also started as an arranger and film music composer. He also feels at home on the double bass and completes the harmonic sound of the CD completely. Kiko Pedrozo, grandmaster of the many-stringed musical instrument.

With irresistible charm, the Paraguayan man elicits an almost unbelievable range of sounds from his harp, his fingers fly over the strings, with his solos he processes impressions of travel, seduces to dream.

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