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Sasha Amaya

‘‘Solo for Boy“ is an inquiry into forms of white, western, male-bodied Euro-centric beauty. In her new work, Sasha Amaya is inspired by a lineage of images from art history and fashion from the early 1800s to the present moment.

What kind of movements does this body make? What kind of forms does it take? What kind of access to space and permission for our time do we give this form? And where in all of this do we situate ourselves in terms of power, vulnerability, and desire?

‘‘Solo for Boy“ is part of a trilogy of three works, in­cluding ‘‘Sarabande“ (2020) and ‘‘Orfeo“ (upcoming) exploring, interrogating, and reimagining dominant narratives in art history.

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Additional information
Concept, Text, Choreography: Sasha Amaya

Performance: Félix Deepen, Sasha Amaya

Scenography: Sasha Amaya

Sound: Alexander Iezzi

Light: Hanna Kritten Tangsoo

Costume: Sasha Amaya, Judith Förster

PR Photo: Peter Oliver Wolff

Photo: Peter Oliver Wolff, Dieter Hartwig

Graphics: Eps51

Production, Administration, Care: Elisabeth Leopold

Production assistance: Maria Kousi

Marketing: Apricot Productions