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Fairy tales - really grim

Two actors, a well-known original text and a small stage - that's all you need for maximum theatrical happiness! Once upon a time - Grimm's Fairy Tales in the Glass Palace.

The specially developed format of two half-hour fairy tales per performance brings to light how closely the crude charm of these fairy tales, their strange humor and the unwieldy horror are connected to everyone's own fears and hopes.

And then the stage becomes a colorful table with something for everyone: highly entertaining fun.

Snow White

Snow-white, blood-red and black like the soul of the step-queen... Falsehood, resentment, vanity and beautiful murders, a delicate child in the snow with seven dubious dwarves: a complete classic, but one that doesn't spare us anything. In this fairy tale, chaotic poetry, grotesque absurdity and quirky monstrosity push into the twilight with untamed wildness and want to make themselves believable to us. Don't sleep through the most beautiful nightmare ever dreamed!

rabbit and Hedgehog

The classic par excellence, the primal grimm. This is how the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm taught us how to make their tall tales come true in a playful way: using two actors, a tiny stage with a beer mat and great attention to the literal details. The original text is as holy as the Bible and taken seriously like Shakespearean ham. What it says is a strict instruction for action, even and especially when the hare competes with the hedgehog for seventy-three laps. Who plays the hedgehog woman? And how, pray tell, does one fall for the same cheap trick credibly 73 times? Well, it's quite simple: with the help of the audience and with great pleasure, yes, that's what they promise: Grimm free on the Fairytale Mountain!
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