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Literatur LIVE

"I see my job as making a difference for myself as a feminist. And at the same time for the lives of my sons." Shila Behjat.

Shila Behjat has learnt her feminism through countless experiences and is fighting for a world in which men are no longer the measure of all things. She is now the mother of two sons - who shake up many a role model in everyday life.

In a personal and incredibly touching way, Behjat uses everyday situations to tell how life with two growing boys has changed her feminist attitude - and situates her experiences and thoughts in the debates of the time.

In this way, she confronts long-neglected questions of equality that affect not only parents, but society as a whole. A constructive, self-critical and very moving debut that shows that it is time for a debate - with ourselves!

"An important book that we need now. Because it's a door opener." MITHU SANYAL

Shila Behjat, born in 1982, is a journalist and publicist with German-Iranian roots. She studied law in Hamburg and Paris, was a correspondent in London, lived as a freelance journalist in India and reported on gender equality in the EU for the women's portal As cultural editor at ARTE, she is now responsible for documentaries and new formats and was nominated for the German Television Award as part of the editorial team for "Tracks East". She regularly presents in front of the camera and at events. She lives in Berlin with her family.

An event organised by Literatur LIVE in cooperation with Hanser Verlag and Thalia Buchhandlung.

(Programme in German)

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