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Andrew McMillan, Nat Raha, Richard Scott, Verity Spott

This event brings four outstanding voices from the current English poetry scene to the stage. It is a continuation of our series "Writing Identities".

Andrew McMillan quickly gained notoriety with his now famous debut "physical" (Jonathan Cape 2015), which is now available in a German translation by Mazlum Nergiz and Richard Stoiber in März Verlag. The volume celebrates the male body and same-sex desire in a unique way. In poems that tell of anonymous sex and encounters at the urinal and in the locker room, McMillan explores "the possibilities of transformation and disappointment that every touch brings" (Mark Doty).

Poet, scholar and activist Nat Raha's writing and research explores queer Marxism and radical transfeminism. She has published three volumes, most recently Of Sirens, Body & Faultlines (Boiler House Press 2018), a collection of poetry critically hailed as "frighteningly fast-paced." Nat Raha is co-author of Trans Femme Futures: An Ethics for Transfeminist Worlds and co-editor of Imagining Queer Europe Then and Now and Radical Transfeminism.

Richard Scott's debut "Soho" was released by Faber & Faber three years after McMillan's "physical" and is no less impressive. Some of the poems were published in German in the volume "Le jardin secret" (hochroth Verlag). The review describes "Soho" as "a passionate, sometimes angry love letter to the LGBTQ+ community and its colorful history". It's about public toilets in Regent's Park, the cover boys of porn magazines and "the vulnerability of queer bodies" using the example of a torso of the god Apollo.

Verity Spott is a poet, blogger, musician and publisher of the independent publishing house Iodine Press. In her manifestos, which have been appearing since 2011, she questions the cis-normative narrative of the trans* community and advocates a self-confident position of resistance. According to Anne Boyer, an American poet, Spott's poems (recently the volumes "70 Sonnets" and "Hopelessness") gather energy like a storm until ordinary actions take on extraordinary proportions. They are spells for nothing less than the utter transformation of the world.

The event will be translated simultaneously into English and German.

Courtesy of the British Council and ECHOO Conference Interpreting

Participants in reading and discussion: Andrew McMillan | Nat Raha |
Richard Scott | Verity mockery

Moderator: Lisa Jeschke
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