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The Wanderings of Prince Pericles

Franz Fühmann found a wonderfully poetic language for these fairy tales. In PERIKLES, the fate of the prince takes breathtaking turns, two storms bring him hardship, but the third fulfills his happiness. The texts will be read by the actress Elisabeth Richter-Kubbutat. Together with a chamber music ensemble from the State Opera, the "Odyssey of Prince Pericles" becomes a particularly impressive artistic delight.

Narine Yeghiyan und Alf Moser
Narine Yeghiyan und Alf Moser © Tatjana Dachsel

Musicians: Narine Jeghijan (soprano) and Alf Moser (double bass) - see photo, as well as Laura Volkwein (violin) and Lorenzo di Toro (harpsichord
Participating artists
Narine Jeghijan
Alf Moser
Laura Volkwein
Lorenzo di Toro
Elisabeth Richter-Kubbutat
Kulturhaus Karlshorst