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The winter fairy tale

In his conciliatory late work, Shakespeare varies several of his great themes, rivalry and jealousy, drive and intrigue, young love and late realization, into a moving family story of delusion, aberration and reconciliation.

Das Wintermärchen
Das Wintermärchen © axellauer

The production realizes the fairy-tale elements with lifelike puppets played and spoken by the actors, while the dramatic scenes, as an emotional chamber play, show us that jealousy and abuse of power are timeless phenomena that can only be transformed and resolved through human development.

With four actors in different roles, puppetry and live music.

Katharina Kwaschik - Hermione, Perdita, Archidamus Johanna-Julia Spitzer - Paulina, Camillo, Hansdampf Nico Selbach - Leontes, Schäfer, Autolycus Thilo Herrmann - Polixenes, Florisel, Antigonus.

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Admission: 26 euros, reduced 20 euros
Reduction applies to severely disabled persons, pupils, students, as well as holders of a Berlin Pass.

By public transport:
U7 Parchimer Allee
M44 Britzer Damm/Tempelhofer Weg
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Schloss Britz - Kulturstall auf dem Gutshof Britz
Schloss Britz - Kulturstall auf dem Gutshof Britz