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The Israeli feature film “Seven Blessings,” which was nominated in the “Best Foreign Language Film” category at the 96th Academy Awards in early 2024, exemplifies the pursuit of understanding, dialogue and forgiveness.

The tragicomedy deals with the theme of the Sephardic family tradition in Israel, in which women "borrowed" children from their sisters and raised them as their own. The author and director Ayelet Menahemi processes the associated pain and injuries into a touching plea for empathy.

The exclusive screening of "Seven Blessings" in the Cinestar cinema in the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg is part of the Seret Film Festival, which is held in cooperation with the Jewish Cultural Days of the Jewish Community of Berlin K.d.ö.R. is organized.

All proceeds from this special fundraising solidarity performance will go to the filmmakers to support their Oscar campaign.

Languages: OV Hebrew, French, Moroccan / Subtitles: English