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Exclusive dinner with exquisite beverage accompaniment

Welcome to Secret Dinner by 100 Gramm Bar Lounge #1. On one Sunday a month, the 100 Gramm Bar Lounge is transformed into a secret dinner place. A unique dining experience is created here with changing catering partners and spirits brands.

In the first edition, chefs Robin Fütterer and Nicolas Sartig from HeimlichTreu conjure up an absolute feast. Kevin Domanski (HeimlichTreu) and Claudius Schmidt (100 Gramm Bar Lounge) are the hosts of the evening.

Guests can expect a 7-course fine dining menu paired with the finest drinks and wines that are perfectly matched to each course.

At around 10 p.m. there is a burlesque show that makes the evening even more unforgettable.

There is also the “Drink Night” afterwards with a specially compiled drinks menu. Simply secure a place for the Secret Dinner #1 in the 100 Gramm Bar Lounge and let yourself be pampered.
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