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Young Lea is an "inside person": for two years she has been living without memory in a private clinic for the memoryless in Berlin-Heiligensee. Only her faithful companion, the therapy fox Kalle, is allowed to touch her. However, when Lea meets a new patient at the clinic and he becomes unusually close to her, her husband Golo loses patience and pushes Lea into a life on the "outside". But once again fate strikes and confronts Lea with a screen that piece by piece reveals an image that threatens to tear her apart.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Leinwand ohne Gesicht - Doris Wiesenbach
© zVg. D. Wiesenbach, Kirschbuchverlag

"What is lurking deep inside me that I don't want to know? Is amnesia protecting me from my own guilt?" These are questions Lea must face. Doris Wiesenbach writes novels, short stories and poetry and reads for us from her latest literary suspense novel.