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Schmonzetten mit Schmackes

Rabid bulls, trigger-happy poachers, hot-blooded rivals, begrudging in-laws, breathtaking alpine landscapes - that's home in a dime novel. And it's always Bavarian. Happy endings guaranteed.

Saskia Kästner & Dirk Rave
Saskia Kästner & Dirk Rave © Antonia Schwarz

After doctor's novels and mummy's novels, Sister Cordula and her young forester Dirk on accordion dedicate themselves to home in their third program. Literary and musically they work their way through nature, love, family ties and unearth some astonishing things. Hilarious. If it weren't so bitter. Because there is nothing in a Heimatroman that is not surpassed by reality.

  • Sister Cordula: Saskia Kästner
  • Young forester on the accordion: Dirk Rave
(Program in German)

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