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They are glamorous, they are flashy. They are poetic and sexy, romantic and rocking. Contrasting like heaven and hell, like black and blond.

Schwarzblonde Weihnacht
Schwarzblonde Weihnacht Schwarzblond

They let you float and bring you back to the ground. With four octaves of singing, their own songs, their own haute couture and extravagant hat creations, they are among the most exclusive that Berlin has to offer in glamour pop entertainment.

For all the big kids Schwarzblond present their "Schwarzblonde Weihnacht" with catchy tunes that trickle like snow in bright rainbow colors. Here, tongue-in-cheek poetry meets bittersweet reality - Merry Christmas!

Ticket phone: 030 - 333 40 22
Kulturhaus Spandau - Theatersaal